What does it cost to attend?

One of our primary goals, is to host a low cost fun event.  We only charge for cars in general.  Spectators are welcome at all weekend activities free of charge.  Many of the activities during the weekend are free.

Show Car Fee 

If your car is selected for our Saturday Show Car display, the fee is $30.00 for the car.  No charge for passengers, etc. Your Show Car Fee will include some nice gifts from the event and our sponsors.  It will also include an event ‘Supporter’ pack (see below).

• You will be notified if you are selected and need to pay

• Not available to purchase unless notified

Event Support Package(Sales are closed for 2021)

The Event Support Package is voluntary.  It helps us to pay for the event costs like security, trash and overall impacts as a result of the entire weekend events.  The Event Support Package includes a vehicle hang tag that will show you proudly are supporting the event.  Helen PD and event staff will be using the hang tags to identify official event supporters.

The Support Package also includes priority access at the long list of events on Friday and Sunday.  Support Packages and Hang Tags are only available to VAG vehicles.

We plan to include as many Helen discounts and goodies in Support Packages as possible to thank those that support the event.

Shuttle Service to Unicoi Beach House on Saturday is also included!

Cost is $40 with a Shirt or $20 without the shirt:

Closed for 2021 Event

• Shipped ahead by UROTuning to your address

That’s it!  We do not charge per person or anything else.  Simple.



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