Our Approach

Alpine Volks Fair may be a different type of automotive event than you might expect.  Primarily our goal is to have a relaxed social weekend with our fellow VW/ VAG enthusiasts.  There will be a variety of activities over the weekend.  Many that we are organizing, but hopefully many that fans will find on their own as well.  Put simply, we aim to be the ‘catalyst to bring VAG enthusiasts to North Georgia’.  Please see the list of weekend activities to get a detailed idea of what we are organizing.  There are many ways to be involved in the event’s activities beyond the typical mass collection of cars on a show field.

Our Story

Helen has a long history of VW events.  Obviously, there have been problems with some of those events.  We as a team are deeply passionate about Helen and the area.  Our primary goal is to respect the town and the trust they have given us.  The team has worked extensively on this project studying how we think we can have a simple fun weekend and avoid the problems of the past.  We have been blessed to have an extensive team of experienced event promoters working tirelessly on this event.  We have been meeting with the Helen City Council, business owners, and local citizens to learn what can work and what to avoid.  We expect your support.  Please do not come to our event if you are looking for any of the problems of the past.

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