Helen to Unicoi Hiking Challenge

We invite you to participate in a little non-car related fun while you are at Alpine Volks Fair. There is a nice well established hiking trail that goes from Helen to Unicoi. Since Unicoi is such a big part of this years event, we thought it would be fun to make a challenge event out of the trail.

The Challenge.

On Thursday, Friday or Saturday before 2:00pm, complete the 5.2mile hike. There is a banner at the half way point from Alpine Volks Fair. Take a selfie of yourself in front of the banner and bring that selfie to us at the show on Saturday. We will reward you with some swag from the sponsors of the hiking challenge, Thule and ABT.


There is is free City Parking Lot at the beginning of the Trail in Helen. It up the hill from Hofers Bakery. Once you complete the trail at the Unicoi Lodge, there is a free shuttle bus that will take you back to Helen. Please tip the driver.

Bring water, sunscreen, bug repellent, good shoes. Tell someone where you have gone beforehand.

More information on the trail found here on Alltrails.

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